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    "Bone, Flesh and quiet nights alone" - story of my personal life, although it's quoted from new artist and close friend Circles Of Silence, better known as Brian Vega of Reno, Nevada. Having spent 6 years living in Reno, I've had the opportunity to play shows with Brian on various occasions, in various punk & metal bands. Like Brian, I also play drums and have what someone would call a guilty pleasure with hip-hop and R&B music. Having only connected on this a few times before I re-located to beautiful Northern California, I was shocked to receive an out of the blue email with 4 unnamed tracks and no artist-name. When I received the email I was at a bar drinking Manhattans (I know) with a few friends. I'm not sure if I was having a good night or whether I was inebriated or not, but for whatever reason, the first song hit me. I loved it, right away. Scenes of Nightmare On Elm St. & Hellraiser flashed through my head. The authentic minimal sounds, heavy 80's style synth-bass with simple, hollow sounding r&b influenced vocal melodies all on top; I was psyched. Happy to hear enthusiasm from Brian's response to my "LEMME PUT THIS ON TAPE DAWG," text, I began working on the artwork and cassette layout the next morning. Recommended to fans of 80's Horror soundtracks and even some things as current as The Weeknd and some of Frank Ocean's darker material. If you don't pick up a copy of Circles Of Silence's self-titled debut because you are in love with his music, pick it up because I just took the time to write a story about why I love his music.

    PURCHASE: Available April 08th, 2013
    VISIT: Circles Of Silence on Bandcamp
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