• The Vibrating Antennas "The L'ength"

  • Available in three unique themed covers!


    1. Father Imposto (gag & disorderly)
    2. The Tops Of The Rocks (get all the sun)
    3. Treat The Money (I'll be back on monday for sure)
    4. Interlewd 1 (well manicured man)
    5. Bruise The Bed (love song for the newly departed)
    6. Youj (youge)
    7. Spores For Now (stayin' loose)
    8. Undercovermotherfucker (CIA man)
    9. Interlewd 2 (end of spring panic movie)
    10. Suzzzane The Man (tales from the Garden Lush)


    (Pill Bros) "The brothers Night hooked him on pills" — Limited to 125
    (Fishhead)   "Fill my gills with drugs and start a real loud band" — Limited to 75
    (UCMF)   "He's everywhere, all the time" — Limited to 50

  • $12.00

  • The Vibrating Antennas "The L'ength"
  • UCMF — Undercover Motherfucker
  • Pill Bros
  • Fishhead

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