• BH14: Party Trash "Alone" — Cassette re-release via Broke Hatrè.

        Although I'm a fairly closed minded person, musically, I like to release a wide range of material. Dropping today is a re-released version of Nashville producer Party Trash's album Alone, originally released in 2011 via underground experimental label Clan Destine Records, whose limited edition is no longer in stock. I...

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      • "Our House" — Creative Adult live at Hurtwater / 10 copies available now!

        Our good friend Adam Papagan filmed a Creative Adult set at Hurtwater, his house in Los Angeles. Adam runs an interesting project called Viper Video, filming friends bands live on an old VHS camera. "Our House: Creative Adult live at Hurtwater" VHS is an edition limited to only 50, and...

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      • G.R. Zombie "Valkenvania IV" presented by Broke Hatrè

        I'm very excited to release a new mix from Pittsburgh's G.R. Zombie. I've been a fan of his music / artwork for a while now & I couldn't be much happier with this mixtape. G.R.'s Valkenvania mix series is nearly untouchable and can be sorted through here.Valkenvania IV opens with...

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      • "I'll Ride The Sky, Until I Die" — A mixtape from new duo ARGUE

        Long-time gig acquaintances, Illustrations from San Antonio, Texas have birthed a new project recently entitled Argue. To help spread the word of a new venture, Illustrations vocalist & Argue front boy, Matthew King put together a mixtape for our blog. "I'll Ride The Sky, Until I Die", is a 77...

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      • Creative Adult "Psychic Mess" LP release shows


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      • STREAM: Creative Adult "Psychic Mess" LP

        Super excited to be streaming our new LP right now. This record feels like it has been a long time coming. Please feel free to hit us up with feedback / comments on the release! A big thank you to Absolute Punk for hosting the stream.STREAM: CREATIVE ADULT "PSYCHIC MESS"VISIT:...

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      • Michael Bingham (Creative Adult) takes us shopping in "Record Selection" by Run For Cover

        In Run For Cover's latest edition of "Record Selection," they take Creative Adult guitar player Michael Bingham out for a mini-spree at our beloved Last Record Store in Santa Rosa, California. With a $50 budget, Alex Henery followed Mike as he browsed through vinyl, sharing nostalgic albums and insight on...

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      • STREAM: Creative Adult "Far Out" via NOISEY

        I'm still excited to announce the release of yet another song from our record Psychic Mess. This one is called "Far Our". It is the third track to be released during the pre-order stage of the LP. VICE's music channel, Noisey, was nice enough to host the stream of this...

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      • BH12: Spitting Image "Love On A Terror" vinyl release show

        Spitting Image's latest release, Love On A Terror, will be available online and in select local locations Valentine's Day, 2014. To celebrate their new single they are going to be playing a show at The Holland Project in Reno, Nevada with SF/Santa Rosa locals Culture Abuse and Marion Walker, who...

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      • STREAM: "The L'ength" by The Vibrating Antennas — LP now available.

        We're excited to be releasing The L'ength today. The LP is available in our store exclusively (for the time being), and digitally via iTunes + Spotify. IMPOSE Magazine was nice enough to host a full album stream for our release day. You can read what they had to say about...

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      • The Vibrating Antennas album release show + B.H. pop-up shop

        The Vibrating Antennas have announced their album release show. It will take place at local lone record shop cleverly titled "The Last Record Store," in Santa Rosa, California. As a part of the event, we will be setting up a pop-up shop for this evening only. ALL of our inventory...

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      • STREAM: Creative Adult "Public Transit"

          SPIN.com was nice enough to showcase a new track from the upcoming Creative Adult LP, "Psychic Mess." The song is called "Public Transit," and is about Public Transit. Click here to listen. If you like what you hear, head over to Run For Cover and pre-order the LP. VISIT: SPIN...

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      • Spitting Image "Love On A Terror" — Music video + 7" pre-order info.

          We're excited to announce our second vinyl release this year — Spitting Image "Love On A Terror."   L.O.A.T. is a joint release with Negative Space Ext., a independent press operated by Spitting Image vocalist Austin Pratt. This will be the twelfth Broke Hatrè release and the fourth Negative...

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    F O L L O W


    PARTY TRASH "Alone"
    A collaborative cassette re-release, featuring Tennessee based
    label Candy Drips. Edition limited to 50, half of which will be
    distributed via Broke Hatrè.


    A single recorded in 2013 — Cassette edition
    includes untouchable b-side track "Absence"

    Click here to watch a Broke Hatrè made
    visual for "Words."

    A self produced debut LP, Available in
    three unique and limited Outers, printed
    by hand courtesy of PALMzines



    An extensive trip through a darker
    side of the electronic & new wave underground.


    BH11 x NGTV04: Spitting Image "Love On A Terror"     PURCHASE / STREAM


    An impressive visual collaboration with artist
    collective 1-800-CHERRYS

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